Colwick Corporate Travel Services

We provide comprehensive corporate travel services for businesses with travel budgets between $300,000 and $3,000,000 per year. Get more value out of each travel dollar.

Colwick Corporate Travel Services

We provide comprehensive corporate travel services for businesses with travel budgets between $300,000 and $3,000,000 per year. Get more value out of each travel dollar. Learn More

Business travel services

Stop wasting the time of your talented employees booking flights and hotels. Our experienced staff will help you to maximize your company’s productivity. Benefit from our high-tech solutions and our old-school personal service. Learn More

corporate travel services

Realize dramatic savings on airfare

We negotiate deals with vendors on your behalf that are lower than many published prices. We refuse to nickel and dime our customers. Unlike our competition, we employ a simple, easy to understand fee schedule. Typically, our fees end up being 1-3% of your total annual travel spending. In most cases, we will save you that and more.

  • We treat each business traveler like a VIP. 24/7 service for all your employee needs for booking hotel rooms, car rentals, and flights for business travel. This includes holidays.
  • Save money on air travel. Our Sabre Travel Network reservation system is the world’s largest network for connecting corporate travel services with over 400 international and domestic airlines. BookingBuilder software gives us access to the others.
  • Hotel and car rental rates customized to your business needs. Our expert corporate travel consultants will match your company’s travel patterns with the most competitive hotel rates and most affordable car rentals depending on which cities and countries your business frequents the most.

Save up to 40% on corporate hotel rates

All clients qualify for our preferred hotel rate program. Enjoy discounted rates at over 13,000 hotels worldwide.

Take control of your corporate travel.

experienced staff, best deals

If your employees are paying published rates for their travel, you’re giving away money to airlines, hotels, and car rental companies. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to save money.

Cost saving services

Cut the stress from dealing directly with airlines.

The modern market for air travel is volatile. Most companies can’t afford the time or the software required to take advantage of the fluctuations in prices and availability across hundreds of different airlines.

Our software enables us to continuously scan for deals that open up. We also make it easy for your company to transfer tickets between employees in case one of them can’t make a trip for any reason.

If you have a preferred airline carrier, we’ll work to match a lower ticket price with that carrier so that your employees can stick with their favorite airline.

If lower fares open up between the time of booking and the departure date, we will work to organize ticket exchanges to win you price reductions.

We’ll help you build your corporate travel policy

Over 30 years of experience has taught us how to help companies to create policies that improve employee happiness while maintaining the bottom line. Each of our clients enjoys working with a dedicated agent.

  • Reduce the cost of high-priced flights with consolidator tickets. Colwick Travel negotiates bulk contracts with airlines to get space in certain flights at lower rates.
  • Continuous rate comparisons for airfare, hotel, and car rental rates. Our software – along with our corporate travel consultants – constantly scan the internet and our private travel networks for lower rates on your future planned travel.
  • Monitoring for unused tickets. We track reservations for unused e-tickets that your employees may have forgotten about. If we find them, we refund their value to you or file them into our Ticketbase© system for your company’s future use.

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No fees for refunds or voids

We look everywhere to save you money. We charge no fees for refunds, voids, hotel or car only transactions, account review and assistance, quality control review, un-ticketed air bookings, and more.

We exchange tickets to save you money

When we find a lower fare on a nonrefundable ticket, we rebook the reservation at the lower rate and issue your company a credit voucher valid for up to a year after the date of purchase.

Automated corporate travel reporting

Customized Reporting System thats saves time and money

We provide all clients with customized automated reports on a regular basis, which provide complete analysis of your company’s travel activities and total savings.

Contact us for a free monthly report

We customize each report for each customer. Tell us what travel metrics you want to focus on, and we’ll show you the numbers that matter to your team. Our aim is to save time, money and keeping your team imformed.

Maintain your consistent travel policy

Our system will check to ensure that each of your employee travel requests match with your corporate travel policy. We pamper your top talent by tracking their flight seat, hotel, and car preferences.

Automatic seat upgrade checking

For your most valued employees and executives, we will continuously scan for upgrades on qualified American Airlines flights even up until 30 minutes before departure. Service available 24/7 and on holidays.

exclusive travel rewards program

We customize rewards programs to your company’s travel patterns

Our consultants compare and identify different programs to deliver more value to your company. Your employees can also continue to benefit from individual rewards programs that they may be a member of. We don’t force your company into any one-size-fits-all rewards programs.

Maximize your free miles

We’ll deploy our expertise to help your company to take advantage of both corporate and individual airline miles depending on the company’s travel patterns. Don’t be leashed to one program.

Realize bonus reward packages

Our consultants will hunt for the best package reward deals on airfare, car rentals, and hotel booking that increases the number of points that your corporate account – and individual accounts – accumulate.

Upgrade frequent flyer statuses

It can be a hassle to track different frequent flyer programs. Our automated systems will provide you with detailed reporting and information to shave any excess spending from your travel budget. Contact us today for more information

Eliminate stress from group and leisure travel

Corporate retreats, incentives, and leisure travel

Employees consistently rank travel as a motivating reward in return for excellent performance. Booking group travel on your own, however, can be a headache. We put together customized, affordable incentive packages to help you to inspire excellence from your workforce without breaking the budget.

Bulk negotiation and booking

When you need to fly out an entire department to a resort for a retreat, we’ll help you to get the best rates on everything. Bulk negotiation is what we do.

Leisure travel service available

Colwick Travel also offers travel booking service for individuals. We’re always happy to go the extra mile for our valued customers both at work and on vacation.

Motivate your employees with incentive travel

Commissions and bonuses can only accomplish so much. We’ll assist you in showing your top performers how much you value them with incentivized travel compensation packages.